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Parental Involvement Policy

Jena Junior High School

Parental Involvement Policy

2017 – 2018


Jena Junior High School believes that a student’s education is a cooperative effort involving the school, the student, and parents. Therefore, Jena Junior High School will offer multiple opportunities for parents to be actively involved in their child’s education.  The following chart outlines the opportunities Jena Junior High will make available:


          Activity                                      Date                    Coordinator

Open House                                         Aug. 2017                       R. Russell

Parent/Teacher Conference                     Sept. 2017                       R. Russell

Parent/Student Game Night                    Oct. 2017                       R. Russell

Reading Family Night/Book Fair               Oct. 2017                       Girlinghouse

Parent Expo                                          Jan. 2018                         Parish

Parent/Teacher Conference                     Feb. 2018                        R. Russell

Reading Family Night/Book Fair               Mar. 2018                       Girlinghouse


Open House

Parents and students have an opportunity before school starts to visit the school campus as well as meet their teachers. They receive handouts and watch a power point presentation informing parents and students of policies, procedures, PBIS, Crisis Management, and extra-curricular activities.


Parent/Teacher Conferences

There will be two conferences held during the 2017-2018 school term.  Each teacher will meet with parents individually to discuss testing information pertaining to their student, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.  They will also make sure that parents are aware of other information located on parent/teacher conference forms provided by the parish.


Reading Family Night and Parent/Student Game Night

During the month of October and March, Jena Jr. High will host a Reading Family Night and a Game Night.  The staff will provide reading activities for parents and students to share.  In addition to activities, parents will be given the opportunity to purchase quality reading materials for their students.


Parent Expo

The parish will host a district-wide Parent Expo during the month of January, 2018.  Vendors from the area and organizations offered services to parents and students will have booths set up to disperse information and educate parents and students on their services.




Parent/Teacher Conferences

Teachers at Jena Jr. High will arrange individual meetings with parents for a second time during February.  These meetings will provide the teachers with an opportunity to discuss with parents the promotion requirements for all students.  The teachers will then discuss each student’s progress and needed points for promotion.  They will also offer suggestions for improvement to the parents.


Parent Notification

Family nights will be announced by use of fliers, radio and newspaper ads, website postings, e-mail, and school sign.  Classroom teachers will provide verbal reminders prior to the activity date.  Parents are also notified if teachers have concerns over a student’s academic progress, excessive absences, or discipline matters.  Parents also have access to our parish’s Parent Command Center, which allows a parent to access their student’s grades, attendance, discipline, etc.


Other Parental Involvement Opportunities

Parents also have many other opportunities to be involved in their child’s educational experience at Jena Jr. High School.  We have good attendance for athletic events, BETA Induction, Open House, Talent Show, Athletic Banquet, and Awards Day at Jena Jr. High School.  Parents also participate in Teacher Appreciation Week at Jena Jr. High.  Parents of 8th graders attend a High School Scheduling Meeting at JHS to assist in scheduling their student for 9th grade classes and meeting their homeroom teacher in April.

Parent Communication Center

The Parent Communication Center can be a valuable tool in tracking your child's progress in school.  Click link on the JJHS homepage to access the site.  You will need the student's social security number and other information to create an account.