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Faculty and Staff

Contact Kylie Andrews  Kylie Andrews 8th Grade Written Expression
Contact Melissa Andrews  Melissa Andrews 6th grade Math
Contact Casie Bradford  Casie Bradford 8th grade Math
Contact Jeremy Cassels  Jeremy Cassels Assistant Principal
Contact Dareth Champlin  Dareth Champlin Special Education
Contact Bobbie Cornett  Bobbie Cornett Teacher
Contact Stephanie Elliott  Stephanie Elliott 6th Grade Social Studies
Contact Ashley Gibson  Ashley Gibson Gifted/Talented
Contact Shannon Girlinghouse  Shannon Girlinghouse Librarian
Contact Kaitlyn Harville  Kaitlyn Harville 6th grade Reading
Contact Cindy Hughes  Cindy Hughes CMC
Contact Kelsie Jolly  Kelsie Jolly Physical Education
Contact Oleva Jones  Oleva Jones Secretary
Contact Gerri Miles  Gerri Miles 8th Grade Social Studies
Contact Diana Price  Diana Price 6th grade Written Expression
Contact Renee Prince  Renee Prince Paraprofessional
Contact Gail Russell  Gail Russell 7th Grade Social Studies
Contact Rhonda Russell  Rhonda Russell Principal
Contact Loretta Smith  Loretta Smith 7th Grade Math
Contact Andrew Strong  Andrew Strong Teacher
Contact Adam Taylor  Adam Taylor ISS
Contact Laura Thomas  Laura Thomas 8th Grade Reading and English
Contact Kayla Tolbert  Kayla Tolbert 8th grade Reading
Contact Chantel Towell  Chantel Towell Teacher